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Proud to announce
RDC's National Champion Winner's from
ADBA Nationals 2015

Kitty @ 65lbs 1st place in the 65-75lb
class of 6

Grits @ 36 lbs in the 35-45lb class of 8

We are super proud of Walt, the owner, handler,
trainer, and Dad to Kitty and Grits.
Its amazing that this was Walts first Nationals Event,
with his first 2 weight pull dogs, and to win the class
with both dogs is unbelievable. Walt has been
consistent, patient, and dedicated from the beginning.
This past weekend he competed among some of the
best and most competitive dogs from around the
country and won with both of his dogs.  
Can't wait to see what the chocolate machines
do next year.
Walt pictured with Kitty on the left and Grits on the
right @ ADBA Nationals 2015
‪#‎legendsneverdie‬ ‪#‎boogiemanwasthereinspirit
Walt and Grits posing with
their winnings!
Coco ready for the lure
Best Junior Handlers
Two gorgeous ladies
Zia and Jess
Walt and Kitty earned
3x Body Pound
3x 1st Place
@ Mid Florida
Lil Red @
GA ADBA Show 2016
Grits being shown in ADBA conformation
Lil Red
Ol Red
Rhea learning the ropes
as a puppy
Coco ready for the lure
Kitty & Walt with their trophy
Rhea as an adult with her
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Real Deal Chocolates
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