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Below are pictures from  our weekend at the Alabama lake house for ADBA Nationals 2015.
We all decided to rent a lake house together. Its always a great time getting our families
together to work and show dogs, and most of all have fun! Many memories were created during
this APBT inspired weekend and we look forward to doing it again.
Eating some real good food courtesy of Sherman's grilling skills. Much
needed after a long day of competing at ADBA Nationals 2015
Unloading dogs, the beginning of the weekend!
Chris, Bubu, Sherman, Chase, Jose, Ultra, Patrick, and Tony
group pic in the loft.
Daria with the little furry dog at
Kids out like a light.
The kids playing at ADBA Nationals 2015
Bubu and Chase in the game room
Chase, Sherman, and Lauren at the Lake house
The kids Junior Handler's Awards at ADBA Nationals
Jose & Jessica with Ultra at the
Chris and Mariano at the Lake house
Last pic of the weekend.
Campfire pics with everyone
Real Deal Chocolates
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