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Real Deal Chocolates American Pit Bull Terriers
Clay and Boogieman
2nd place @ ADBA Nationals 2014
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Clay and Boogieman with Patrick and Naza
@ NJ ADBA Nationals 2014
Breezy and Ultra
@ Iron Dog UnFreezaBull Event 2015
Jazzy training
Jazzy running the lure
Kitty & Grits @ their house
Kitty trying to get some cuddle time with mom
Jax and Bill taking selfies
Kitty @ work
Lacie and King @ the beach
Ol Red hanging on Carlos from Wolf's Lair K9
Ol Red won the Iron Dog 3 & 5
@ the UnFreezaBull Event
@ the Iron Dog UnFreezaBull Event
Tiga @ Iron Dog
Me and Ol Red @ the 2015
Iron Dog Event
Breezy working with Carlos from Wolf's Lair K9
Erin and Bruce Leroy paddle boarding!
Patrick is jealous of her skills! lol
Real Deal Chocolates
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