Tito and Leah
Team No Fear representing at the
Annual UKC Premier with Boogieman
and Riddick
*Riddick supervised the building of this snowman
Leah & Persia
Leah, Sabrina, and I..... and Tito and Nina = )
Nick playing fetch with Coco
Coco worked hard for her family!
Kiki giving ALL the kids a ride!
Giovanna & Red Pepper from Canil Gidany in Brazil
Best Girlfriends
Nick and Reeta relaxing after a hard workout
Nick working Reeta on the flirt pole, getting ready for a dog show =)
Nick showing Reeta in Junior Handlers
Riddick and his
Tito helps with homework
Riddick's new gig.....pretending to be "Scooby-Doo"
~~~ Note from RDC on Kids & APBT's ~~~
We have raised our 5 children around these dogs, teaching them how to love, care, train, show, and respect animals.
We also take very seriously the temperament of our dogs and any puppy we place.
While we appreciate a dog who would protect its family,
an unstable, fearful dog is an accident waiting to happen, that sort of temperament will not be tolerated.
With that being said, it is so important to teach your child to respect all animals. If your child is too young to know how to
respect animals, then you should never leave that child unsupervised with a dog, its simple, put the dog in a crate when your
not available to supervise, your dog will appreciate the break as well.
Most people will say to NEVER leave a child unsupervised with a dog, and that may be true for some... for us, quite a few
of our dogs "share" a bedroom with our children. During the day, or when their friends are over they are put in their crate,
and in the evening the dog sleeps with them in their bed. We do trust our dogs and more importantly our children.
It gives the dog "cuddle time" and the kids love having a real teddy bear in the bed.  
There is a difference between your 5 year old resting his head on your dogs back watching cartoons, and your 3 year old
running around screaming in the dogs face and pulling its tail!
Unfortunately, some dogs will tolerate it, it doesn't make it right!
Again, we have raised 5 children around these dogs, for the last 16 years, and have never had an issue.

We have found the most common issue with a new puppy and a child is:
Puppy Biting
These little guys came straight from their litter to your home. They are used to and enjoy very rough play by 8 weeks.
Their teeth are razor sharp and they may walk around like they are the boss, not want to be held down, etc... This is
all normal APBT puppy behavior. They will mature and stop biting and grabbing your pants, or you can nip it in the
bud fairly quickly with these 2 techniques.
Say "NO" - Then using a spray bottle, spray the puppy with water and/or vinegar mix.
* Say "NO"- Then using an empty soda can, put some loose change in it, tape it off.
Shake it loudly when the puppy bites you.
Be sure to have multiple spray bottles or cans throughout the places you spend time with the puppy, living-room, etc.
Be sure to exercise your puppy too! They tend to have short bursts of high energy.
Burn them out when they get hyper!
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Leah showing Rippy at the Sunshine State ADBA Show
Sleep Tight
Rowdy and his kids
Real Deal Chocolates American Pit Bull Terriers
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