"EENIE"   is from our Tito x Gaia breeding, she has proven herself as an accomplished catch dog for hog hunting. She
is also making great strides in tracking, having learned from the cur dogs. She is loaded with drive, and has been
clocked on GPS going 10 miles plus, and still rearing to go by the end of the night.
Eenie is a perfect house dog, and is hell on wheels in the woods. She has shown to be a true working dog!

Eenie was back in action doing what she loved to do most and was snatched up by an alligator while crossing the Kissimmie river.
Her life was filled with excitement and adventure, and she truly lived on all those hunts!
Eenie loved doing what comes natural to working dogs, tracking down and catching prey.
Thank you Eenie for all your hard work, you were an amazing catch dog, a self taught tracking dog, a loyal companion, and a great representative of RDC.
RIP Eenie
~ Rest In Peace Eenie ~
Miller's Coffee Bean of Red Coat DNA-P
*Finished Catch Dog*

DOB: 9/4/2010  
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