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Real Deal Chocolates American Pit Bull Terriers
Real Deal Chocolates
Photo Album
Breezy and her sister Ultra @ 8 months
August 5th & 6th 2017

"Kitty & Grits both took 2nd respectively to
two awesome dogs,but the BIG win for me
was seeing Mr Floyd Boudreaux again and
getting his autograph.
Sunday however was a different story,Kitty
was the only dog in the Ace 45 to 75 class so
the MWPP trophy was a gimme,but only
needing 1pt he is now an Ace of Ace III

Chevaliers "A/A III Paragon of RDC"

Grits had her work cut out for her,with a last
ditch effort making a 433lb drop for a total
weight of 4133lbs @ 121.55% in 18.62
seconds she came home with the MWPP
Trophy for the 45< Ace class and earning her
Ace of Ace title.

Miller's "A/A Grits at Chevalier "

With Clay and his little girl Amara winning
the MWPP on Saturday out of the 45<
regular class and also being her 1st ADBA
pull was quite amazing,but then again all
Real Deal Chocolate's blood is.
So once again Patrick Miller & Elizabeth
Leigh Miller have a lot to be proud of !!!"

-Walter D./ Chevalier Kennels
Orion showing Lil Red ADBA
Al Capone